Monday, November 13, 2006

French Moment/Semi French Moment

French Moment- When one walks into a bathroom of the incorrect gender
Semi-French Moment-When one walks into a bathroom of the incorrect gender by accident.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Global Warming, Liberal BS

Scientists are always talking about how we're all going to die and for the past two decades global warming has been first and foremost amongst the prophecies of the scientific community. Of course this hasn't been the only prophecy hailed by the liberal elite. In the 70's they said we were heading for the ice age and hunger would be the norm for the powers of the world, obviously that was wrong, here we are, the fattest nation in the world. Another doomsday theory involved locust-like swarms of killer bees flooding major cities yet it is clear as day when I look out the window. (OK, I lied, it is, in fact, night, but quite clear and killer bee free) Every other year the medical community goes up in arms about an imaginary flu pandemic that will kill a higher percent of our population than the black plague, yet just a few weeks ago the US has hit yet another population milestone. Close to the hearts of geeks everywhere is the Y2K bug, within five years of Y2K there were stories of grocery stores being empty, every computer in ever home and office would shut down, nuclear plants would succumb to meltdown, and a malfunction of weapons systems around the world would shower the planet with ballistic missiles. In reality, 5% of the world's computers were effected by the bug, and those computers remained quite operational though their system clocks were rolled back to 1900. We may never find absolute proof that global warming does not exist, but common sense, the same sense that tells you the sky is blue, and plants die when they're not watered, can give us the answer: It is incredibly arrogant to think that the pissant all of humanity can effect the climate of an entire planet.