Thursday, December 21, 2006

Signs of Global Warming

Today about three feet of snow has come down on our town. This is a sure sign of global warming. The wind has even blown snowdrifts up to six feet. Beware of the signs! The end is near! We're all gonna die!!!

(not really)


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Think Different said...

cant imagine what are you studying moron

At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Shelley N. Goodman said...

right you are.
There is no Global Warming.
We hat hotter summers 20 yrs ago and we had rainy winters 20 yrs ago.
"Global Warming" is fake, as fake as a 3 Dollar Bill.

Shelley Goodman

At 12:27 PM, Blogger sevenvoices said...

damn, probably way too late to reply to "Think Different" but here it is anyways:
Of course you couldn't imagine something such as Electrical Engineering because your liberal arts forbids conceptual understand of anything that may actually be useful. I think there may have been an error in your post as well, it should have read, "I am a moron and therefor can't imagine what you are studying."


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